Tic Tac gives a modern twist to traditional mouth freshner, introduces ‘Tic Tac Seeds’ in its new TVC

Mumbai, 14 March, 2022 – Tic Tac which stands for enjoyment, freshness and connectivity, today announced the launch of a new TV campaign, introducing ‘Tic Tac Seeds’ in Saunf flavour, a new category under the Tic Tac umbrella. The campaign, ‘Refreshingly Traditional’, seeks to remind the consumers the taste of traditional Indian mouth freshener, which is a deeply rooted tradition
for all Indians.

Mukhwas in India is traditionally consumed as an after-meal refreshment. In today’s busy lifestyle it is difficult to take these traditions forward and enjoy them. With Tic Tac Seeds, the brand is providing a new modern way to consumers to enjoy these traditions wherever they go. The brand’s modern offering of this new refreshment is inspired from the traditional Mukhwas and has real crushed seeds of Saunf which will give consumers the taste of traditional Indian mouth freshener, with the modern twist of Tic Tac. It is an innovation with more than 100 layers of a crunchy Tic Tac shell filled with these crushed seeds inside. Tic Tac Seeds, in addition to Saunf flavour is also available in Elaichi-Ginger flavour.

The story opens with a taxi driver happily enjoying his evening snack. Post finishing the snack, his eyes jitters with excitement as he spots the new Tic Tac Seeds lying in front of him. As he turns behind, he is startled to see three characters - a pandit, a grandmother and a warrior dressed as a king, waiting to experience the new taste of a refreshingly traditional mouth freshener. The TVC
accentuated by traditional music and cheerful spirit, ends with the payoff of “Refreshingly Traditional” that endorses the traditional refreshment in a new avatar by the keepers of tradition themselves connoted by the mythical characters.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Zoher Kapuswala, India Marketing Head - Tic Tac, Rocher, Nutella said, “Everyone seeks refreshment for different reasons and Tic Tac as a brand always aims to provide a refreshing taste and long-lasting experience to its consumers. Tic Tac Seeds innovation is the result of an extensive research done with the Indian youth to understand India’s
affinity for all things traditional. The new campaign not only marks the expansion of our product portfolio but also connects well with the consumers’ need for a traditional taste of refreshment.”

Speaking on the campaign, Pubbliregia spokesperson said, “The launch campaign for new Tic Tac Seeds, with crushed seeds inside, is being aired nationally. Film advertisement was created by with a special mission on new and strategic launches, that are developed exclusively. In a busy Indian lifestyle, a person inside a car quietly munches on some street food and looks for refreshing
his mouth. He picks Tic Tac Seeds but suddenly, three mythical figures connoting the keepers of Indian tradition appear on the back seat. The three demand Tic Tac Seeds taste it and approve itstraditional refreshing taste with enthusiasm to the great relief of the cab driver. The film was shot in Mumbai by India Film Line Production, directed by Koushik Sarkar.

Priced at INR 10, Tic Tac Seeds will reach consumers in its unique flip top box as well as in a pillow pack of Re.1. The Tic Tac “Refreshingly Traditional” campaign will leverage mass media as well as activate retail channels with point of sales material across India. The campaign will be amplified by leveraging key digital platforms of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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About Tic Tac:

Tic Tac is one of the world’s leading confectionery brands and has recently celebrated its 50 years globally. It was launched in India in 2007 and is available in multiple packs of Rs 1, Rs 5, 10, 25 and 30. Tic Tac offers a range of flavors - Mint, Orange, Red Apple and Saunf etc. Tic Tac attempts to offer new and relevant flavors that excite Indian consumers. Some of its limited-edition launches in the past include – Banana, Mango, Popcorn, Raw Mango. Tic Tac Coca Cola is the latest limited edition offering which is available in the market.

To explore the range of flavors of Tic Tac, please visit www.tictac.com or connect with Tic Tac India on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to catch some refreshment to be shared!

About Ferrero Group

Ferrero began its story in the little town of Alba in Piedmont, Italy, in 1946. Today, with a consolidated turnover of over 12.3 billion Euros, Ferrero is amongst the market leaders of the Sweet Packaged Foods market worldwide. The Ferrero Group is present throughout the world with more than 37,000 people and 31 production plants. Ferrero is the producer of many brand
icons that are loved generation after generation, including Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Tic Tac, Kinder and Raffaello, which are present and sold in more than 170 countries. Product freshness and high quality, the careful selection of the high-quality raw materials, sustainable agriculturalpractices and continuous research and innovation are some of the key elements of Ferrero’s success.

For further information visit: www.ferrero.com and www.ferrerocsr.com

About Ferrero India

Ferrero India started its commercial operations in 2004. In 2007 the Government of Maharashtra bestowed a mega status project for its state-of-the-art production plant at Baramati near Pune. India is a production hub for Ferrero in Asia and the Middle East and exports half of its local production. Headquartered in Pune, the Company has regional sales offices in Chennai, Delhi,
and Kolkata with a robust distribution network across all the metros and mini metros of India. 

Ferrero’s well-known brands in India include Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, Tic Tac and Kinder Joy. The ‘Kinder Joy of moving’ program (2014), Pietro Ferrero Kindergarten (Baramati), Anganwadis project (2019 design, construct) and the 2.5 MW roof top solar installation are success stories of Ferrero’s Sustainability initiatives in India. Ferrero India has won several awards including the Greentech Environment Award; Impresa Award for People Empowerment; the Best Human Response Award; Kronos Excellence Award for Workforce Management; Supplier Excellence Award, 10th CSR Award for “Adding Value to local communities” and the CII Award for Commitment to Food Safety.

For further information visit: www.ferreroindia.com


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