1. Our products, which are made with absolute respect for consumers and their safety, while maintaining continuous innovation, excellence in quality, freshness and exquisite appeal.
2. The Ferrero Foundation of Alba, which has a twofold purpose of caring for former Ferrero employees and promoting Alba and the Piedmont’s region’s cultural life and heritage.
3. The Ferrero Social Enterprises already active in India, South Africa and Cameroon, which have a dual purpose of creating new jobs, and implementing projects and initiatives to promote education and health for children residing in the surrounding areas of the three production plants.
4. “Kinder+Sport”, Ferrero’s voluntary programme that promotes active lifestyles for children and teenagers, with the aim of preventing and combatting obesity.

Furthermore, production operations fully respect human rights and support the fight against child labour, while also taking into consideration the environmental and trackling corruption and wrongdoing.