Nutella® - hazelnut cocoa spread

The first version of what would become the revolutionary invention of the century and what is now one of the most famous food specialties in the world – Nutella® – was founded in a backroom of the pastry shop founded in Alba in 1944 by Pietro Ferrero. Since then, Nutella® continues to inspire and satisfy the palate of the entire world with its unique taste and its distinctive jar appeal to consumers of all generations.

Nutella® is made of premium quality ingredients like selected hazelnuts and delicious cocoa. It is free from artificial colours, preservatives. Nutella® helps a mom make breakfast tastier and making it more enjoyable for kids. It also offers a sensorial experience that allows a moment of joy for the family.

Nutella® – Spread Happiness in the morning.


Edible Vegetable Oil,
Hazelnut (13%),
Low Fat Cocoa Powder (7.4%),
Skimmed Cow Milk Powder (6.6%),
Whey Powder,
Emulsifier (Lecithin – INS 322)
Contains Added Flavor (Nature-Identical Flavouring Substance – Vanillin)

Allergen Information: Contains Hazelnuts, Milk, Soy

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