Kinder Joy – Playtime now comes with surprises

Kinder Joy is a revolutionary idea that is a delight for children. By combining chocolate, a surprise and a toy, a fun and entertaining world for children was created, while at the same time, delivering parents a reassuring and emotional experience. This unique treat for children comes in a well-designed portion size of delicious milk and cocoa cream with wheat germ and two crunchy wafer balls filled with cocoa cream.

The packaging of Kinder Joy ensures air-tight protection, maximum hygiene and practical consumption, thanks to the little spoon contained inside. The toys and gadgets featured with Kinder Joy not only stimulate imagination and creativity but also accompany and aid in a child’s cognitive, emotional and relational development. All Kinder Joy toys are designed and developed with safety in mind, rigorously observing international regulations as well as extra safety criteria voluntarily adopted by the Ferrero Group.

This unique product creates affectionate moments for parents and children to share, generating joy and discovery every time. Kinder Joy - mum’s trust, child’s joy!


Edible Vegetable Oils,
Skimmed Cow Milk Powder (19.5%),
Toasted Wheat Germ,
Low Fat Cocoa Powder (4%),
Wheat Starch,
Powdered Barley Malt Extract,
Emulsifier (Lecithin – INS 322),
Whey Protein,
Raising Agent (INS 500ii, INS 503ii),

Allergen Information: Contains Milk, Gluten, Soy
Made on equipment that also processes Hazelnuts

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